Panic! at the Disco: Death Of A Bachelor Tour

Hello yes, it’s been quite a while, but I am here once again. I’m here to tell you all about the amazing concert I experienced last week, Panic! at the Disco’s Death of a Bachelor tour. Let’s get started shall we?

Let’s start with the first opening act, one of my long time favorite bands, Saint Motel. Saint Motel is an indie pop band based out of Los Angeles and gives us all a refreshing taste of genuinely good music. From a set list that ranged from their songs Sweet Talk to Destroyer and their popular hit, My Type, it was guaranteed to be a great time.

The set was accompanied with amazing visuals that were reminiscent of classic television. With the  black and white film and the vintage vibes, it was a very aesthetically pleasing performance. I will most definitely be seeing them the next time they’re in Georgia.

This brings us to our second opening act, and one of my personal favorites, Misterwives. After having seen them on the “Our Own House Tour” , and then later on the “Scrapbook Tour”, I was more than excited to see them for a third time, and let me tell you they did not disappoint.Their setlist consisted of both new and old song featuring those such as ReflectionsOur Own House, Machine and Oh Love.  The overall performance radiated positivity throughout the audience and I can’t wait to see Misterwives again.

Now, onto the headliner, Panic! at the Disco.

I saw Panic! at the Disco for the first time last year when they went on tour with Weezer, and they left a memorable impression to say the least. Having been a fan of Panic! at the Disco since their “Vices and Virtues” days, I wasn’t gonna pass up on an opportunity to see them once again.

The night started with something I’ve seen no other artist do before, a countdown. Introduced with the playing of Secrets by the Weeknd, my friends and I waited anxiously as the clock counted down from 10:00 to 0:00.

When the clock finally reached 0:00, we we’re met with the all too familiar introduction of Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, a great beginning if I do say so myself.  After the performance was completed, and the audience was at a high level of energy, the center stage back drop lit up and said “Welcome To the Death of A Bachelor Tour.”

The night was filled with a setlist that featured a medley of old favorites such as The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage, Camisado, But It’s Better If You Do, Nine in the Afternoon, Ready to Go and of course, I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

We also heard come current songs, such as: Hallelujah, Golden Days, LA Devotee, a beautiful piano version of This Is Gospel and title song Death of A Bachelor.  We even heard a couple of covers such as Movin’ Out and a classic favorite Bohemian Rhapsody.

However, I think the highlight of the night had to be near the end of the set where Brendon gave a beautiful speech about inclusion, equality and that no matter what happens he will always stand by us nt, as both an ally and a friend. The song Girls/Girls/Boys began to play and the audience lifted up the paper hearts we had received at the beginning of the night and proceeded to make the color of the pride flag across the venue. It was a moment of camaraderie, inclusion, true beauty, and shows how passionate one fan base can be about coming together.

Photo Credit: Jake Charms

Panic! at the Disco is a band that gives an impeccable show and helps in bring a sense of togetherness along with providing an uplifting energy to everyone that attends. If you get the chance to see them, I suggest you do, you won’t regret it.

Song of the Week: Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! at the Disco

Who To Watch: 2017

2016 was a year that had some pretty amazing break out acts such as twenty one pilots, Flume, Halsey and Shawn Mendes but I’m almost certain that 2017 is going to have even more amazing break out acts.  From personal favorite acts such as Oh Wonder and LANY to acts that are getting consistent radio play like Jon Bellion and Daya, I’m here to tell you who you need to watch for this upcoming year. Let’s get started.



Jon Bellion – I first heard Jon Bellion when my friend showed me a song called Timeless, and ever since then I’ve taken strong liking to his musicality and vocal style. This past year, however, I realized that Jon Bellion is about to be a force to be reckoned with. Though he’s been in this industry since 2011, and even has a Grammy to his name, his debut album, The Human Condition, really has everyone talking. You’ve might have seen him on the road with twenty one pilots or heard his latest single All Time Low on the radio, but I guarantee you’ll be hearing even more of him this upcoming year.



Daya-You’ve heard of this girl, I can almost guarantee it. Whether you’ve heard her singles, Hide Away, Sit Still, Look Pretty, or heard her feature on The Chainsmoker’s single, Don’t Let Me Down, you’ve heard of her. Slightly reminiscent of Alessia Cara due to her genuine personality, honest lyrics and the relatable factor, Daya is an 18 year old powerhouse who I can see going very far within the near future. Be sure to see her on her upcoming “Sit Still Look Pretty” Tour. You can always say you saw her first.


LANYI’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing this band three times, one of which I’ve written about before, and I know I’ll be writing about them again soon. LANY is a band that is based out of Los Angeles, California and have been quickly making a name for themselves within the indie demographic. After their single, ILYSB, started to gain more internet traffic, the band was soon traveling as opening acts for artists such as Troye Sivan,and Halsey and started creating their own fanbase. You’ll be sure to be hearing a lot about this band this upcoming year, especially with the much waited release of their debut album.



Oh Wonder – Okay, yes, I consistently talk about this band on this blog, but there’s a good reason for it. This is a talented duo and I can guarantee you that they’re about to be recognized for it on a higher level. Not only is their music extremely pleasing to the ear, their music videos memorable and sweet, but there’s also a unique aspect to their vocalization style and instrumentation.Having opened for acts such as Halsey, and performed at festivals such as  Bonnaroo, Firefly, Lollapalooza, this alt-pop duo is about to one of the most talked about groups in the independent and alternative scene.



Dua Lipa – I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing Dua Lipa live due to the fact she  opened for Troye Sivan on his Suburbia Tour and I’m not lying when I said she left an impression. Not only did she bring a fun, playful energy with her songs such as, Hotter Than Hell, and my personal favorite, Blow Your Mind (Mwah), she also later joined Troye on stage to do a cover that also showed off her amazing vocal talent. Dua Lipa has the potential to become one of the biggest acts of this year, and you can hear that in the songs I’ve listed below.



Louis the Child – Though they’ve been in this industry since 2012, I just know that Louis the Child is about to amongst the notoriety of artists such as Flume and ODESZA. After gaining a name for themselves, this duo has played at festivals such as Coachella, Electric Forest,  Electric Zoo and Lollapalooza. Their latest single, It’s Strange is starting to generate more internet traffic for them, but I know you’ll be hearing this Chicago based duo on the radio soon.



Dodie Clark – Quite often known as a “quirky little thing”, Dodie Clark is a phenomenal singer who started out by posting covers on YouTube, ranging from songs such as Goner by twenty one pilots, Drive by Oh Wonder, Somebody Else by the 1975 and even La Vie En Rose by Edith Pilaf. Are you starting to see why she’s one of my personal favorites? However, not only does she show an amazing sense of artistry in these videos, but she’s also showcased her talent and her lovable personality.



Grace VanderWaal: You might know her as the 12 year old that wowed everyone with her audition for America’s Got Talent, but I promise you’re about to know her for so much more than that. She’s a now 13 year old pop prodigy who’s about to take the world by storm due to her unique vocals, unmeasurable talent and lovable, bubbly personality. You might have even heard her song, Light the Sky, in the latest Google commercial entitled Year In Search 2016.

Are you impressed? Do you already know some of these acts? Do you have any more acts to add on? Please, let me know it the comments and I’ll be sure to give them a listen! I’ll be writing to you all next week and I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Song of the Week: Body Gold by Oh Wonder (Louis the Child Remix)

7 Shows To Attend In 2017

Concert season is about to start up once again and I’m here to tell you who you need to see live s and reasons as to why. Please feel free to add additional acts in the comments!

This week is also a collaboration with love-alexandria so please check out her blog!

Let’s get started shall we?

COIN: The Winter Tour 


I actually had the pleasure of seeing this band perform live at Shaky Knees last year and within one song of their set, I was hooked. They’re a fun band that brings  heightened energy, fun crowd interaction and an overall good time. Be sure to see them now, because I predict big things for these guys and you can read why here.

Dates: Feb. 9 – Feb. 22


Bad Suns: The Heartbreaker Tour


 Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see this amazing band live yet, but hopefully that will change within the next couple of weeks. Bad Suns are making a name for themselves, and you might have seen them if you attended Halsey’s Badlands tour, seeing as they opened for her. They’re a band that makes amazing music and I can’t wait to see what their live show has in store.

Dates: Feb. 28 – Mar. 20


Panic! At The Disco : Death Of  A Bachelor Tour


I saw Panic! at the Disco last year when they went on tour with Weezer and let me tell you, this is a show you will never forget. Brendon Urie’s vocals are some that are of higher caliber than most modern artists  and that’s clearly shown when he performs live. The band puts on a great show, but it’s one you have to experience for yourself.

Dates: Feb. 24 – Apr. 15


Red Hot Chili Peppers: The World Tour


 I honestly feel like I don’t need to say much about this due to their namesake alone, I mean, they’re the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They’re credibility alone is one of the reasons to see them; but despite the fact they’ve made quite a defined name for themselves, they’re pretty phenomenal live and have left an impression on most people who have seen them live. Don’t believe me? Just watch this

Dates: Jan. 5 – Jul. 31


Bastille: Wild World Tour


This is one of the tours that, I personally, am the most excited for. I’ve been a fan for a couple of years, after hearing their album Bad Blood, and after watching their set at Live at T in the Park, I knew I had to see this amazing band live. They provide electric energy, show a ridiculous amount of talent and love to have the crowd involved. Definitely one to check out this spring.

Dates: Jan. 31st – May 12th 


Sons Of An Illustrious Father: North American Tour 


Okay, so I came across the band, Sons of An Illustrious Father late last year after hearing their song “Very Few Dancers” and I found myself hooked on their instrumentation, lyrical style and the conviction you can hear when you see them live. The first live performance I saw of theirs was a performance at Paste Magazine and I knew I had made the right choice investing into this band. I can’t wait to finally hear all the songs I’ve had on repeat live.

Dates: Feb 16 – April 2* 

*more dates to be added


twenty one pilots: Emotional Road Show


I’ve seen this duo twice and I can not begin to tell you how amazing this experience is. I’ve been to quite a few shows within the last couple of years and this is one that wasn’t like any other.  Between the lighting, effects, and even down to the setlist, this band is one that adheres to the experience of the fans and nows how to make their shows as fun as possible. If you want to know more, feel free to read about my experience the last time I saw them.

Dates: Jan. 19 – Apr. 8


Well that’s what I have for you all this week, and be sure to check out love-alexandria and to be here next when I tell you who to watch out for this year in the world of music.

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Song Recommendation of the Week: Maybe We’re Meant To Be Alone by Bad Suns

At Least The Music’s Good

Let’s face it, this year was not the most ideal, in any way; however, we were able to get some pretty fantastic music out of it. So for this blog post, I’ve decided to list what I think are some of the best, indie pop, indie rock and alternative albums of this year. I’ve linked every album to their title so please, feel free to listen and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: In nature of this blog, I’ve limited this list to albums that fall mainly into indie rock, indie pop and alternative. That being said, masterpieces such as Lemonade, Coloring Book, Blonde,  Awaken, My Love!, or albums that fall mainly under electronic or hard rock are not listed for said reason.

Let’s get on with the list shall we?

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975

This is Our Vice by Cub Sport

Wild World by Bastille

The Human Condition by Jon Bellion

Big Mess by Grouplove

iii by Miike Snow

Moth by Chairlift

Love Gloom by Night Riots

Signs of Light by Head and The Heart

Folk Hop N’ Roll by Judah and the Lion

White by Weezer

Matter by St. Lucia

Fitz and The Tantrums by Fitz and the Tantrums

It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense by Ingrid Michaelson

22, A Million by Bon Iver

The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Disappointment Island by TNNG

Gameshow by Two Door Cinema Club

You’ll Pay For This by Bear Hands

Don’t You by Wet

Love You To Death by Tegan and Sara

Why Are You OK by Band of Horses

I Think You Think Too Much of Me by Eden

Home of the Strange by Young the Giant

Thick As Thieves by The Temper Trap

Psychopomp by Japanese Breakfast

Not To Disappear by Daughter

Puberty 2 – Mitski

Remember Us To Life by Regina Spektor

Beautiful Lies by Birdy

American English by Tor Miller

The Altar by Banks

Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco

Insomniac by Maggie Schneider

Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Saintmotelevision by Saint Motel

Every Night The Same Dream by Ball Park Music

Everything You’ve Come to Expect by The Last Shadow Puppets

Lewis Del Mar by Lewis Del Mar

Much Love  by Microwave

100 by The Hunna

American Nightmare by Bad Rabbits

Disappear Here by Bad Suns

Eternally Even by Jim James

I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy by Miniature Tigers

Stay Together by Kaiser Chiefs

Well that’s what I’ve got for you this week! Please let me know what albums you think should be added, and I’ll be sure to give them a listen. Thank you to all those that helped submit albums for this list, it helped tremendously!

That’s for sticking with me for the last six months and I’ll be writing to you next year!

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Song Recommendation of the Week: Show U Off by Chairlift

Holiday Gift Guide for Music Lovers

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re like me, it might be hard finding that perfect gift for someone. However, I’ve  compiled a list of items I think will be great to get for someone that loves music. Let’s get started shall we?

1. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die:

Image result for 1001 albums you must hear before you die

Every music lover will take the opportunity to delve into the world of unknown music so they can find even more albums to obsess over. This book is a great way to become familiar with classic albums, underrated albums and albums you’ve probably heard thousands of times, but still don’t know everything about. This is a book that every music lover will enjoy because who doesn’t like falling in love with new music?

2. Spotify Premium Subscription: 

I’ve talked about the great uses of Spotify in my 5 Apps Every Concert Goer Should Have post, but this app isn’t just great for concert goers, but also for music lovers in general. Spotify premium allows subscribers to listen to endless hours of music, all for the low price of $9.99 a month, or $4.99 a month if they’re a college student.

With the amount of money that most music lovers would spend on albums, $9.99 isn’t a bad deal seeing how they have thousands albums available on their app. They also you allow you download all of their content to your phone so you’re not stuck using data to listen to all your favorite artists. It also comes with the best feature, no advertisements!

3. Portable Record Player:

Image result for portable record players 1byone

For this holiday season, a portable record player may be the most ideal gift you could get a music lover, especially if they’re a fan of indie or alternative music.

While there are many records players available, I recommend the 1byone Belt-Drive-3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable with Built-in-speakers, which is ranked number 5 on Techsounded’s Top Ten Best Portable Record Players .

It supports RCA Output, has a headphone jack, allows MP3 and mobile phone music playback and comes in black and turquoise, all without breaking the bank. Just get ready to hear, “That record sounds so much better on vinyl” because that’s not a joke, we actually say that.

4. Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Image result for sennheiser momentum

It should go without saying that every music lover needs a quality pair of headphones and the Sennheiser momentum headphones are the perfect ones that don’t break the bank.

soundguys say, “There’s a reason these are making this list for the second year in a row: they’re still that good. Sure there are audiophile headphones that sound better, or Bluetooth headphones with a better range, or less expensive headphones with better active noise cancelling, but if you want a pair of headphones that are top contenders in every one of these categories these are the way to go. They have active noise cancelling, great sound, are comfortable, and they’re wireless. They have a solid 22 hour battery life and that’s with ANC and Bluetooth turned on. They fold at the hinges for easy traveling and you can also make crystal clear calls.”

Sounds like a great investment to me.

5.  Lost In The Supermarket: An Indie Rock Cookbook

Named after the Clash song, this is a unique gift for that music lover that enjoys experimenting with new recipes as much as they enjoy experimenting with new music genres, like math core or nerd rock. says, “Lost in the Supermarket—yes, named for the 1979 hit by The Clash—is a creative compendium of recipes that reclaims the kitchen for the hip crowd. At once a meditation on the connection between food and music and a great culinary resource, this cookbook is full of the favorite recipes of some of indie rock’s elite. In chapters on both daily dishes and special event grub, contributions from such indie notables as Animal Collective, Black Dice, Sunset Rubdown, and Country Teasers are included, giving readers plenty to groove on, whether they’re in it for the tunes or the tastes or both.”

6. Concert Posters

Image result for concert posters

Are you really a music lover if you don’t have at least one poster hanging up in your room? Concert posters are great for concert goers that don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on merchandise, seeing how shirts can range from $25-$45. It’s a great way to remember a great concert for a great price. Not a fan of concerts? That’s perfectly fine because has posters from bands to movies to sports to comics.

7. A Bluetooth Speaker: 

Image result for fugoo sport

A bluetooth speaker is always a great investment due to the new mobility allowed for both you and the speaker. This is a great gift for a music lover because they’ll be able to still listen to great albums without having to constantly keep their phone on them if they’re being preoccupied by something else. The speaker that I would invest into is the Fugoo Sport speaker and Tech Radar has given many reasons t as to why it’s great that I’ve listed below.

Weight: 1 pound | Battery life: Up to 40 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feed | Frequency response: 60Hz -20kHz | Drivers: Two 28mm neodymium tweeters, two 39mm neodymium aluminum domed mid/woofers, two 43mm x 54mm passive radiators | NFC: No | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

8. Vinyl Frames:

Vinyl frames are a great investment for music lover’s that have the space and a great collection to show off. details their services by saying, “Our unique Play & Display Flip Frame gives you the chance to stylishly display your favourite vinyl albums or 12″ singles and their contents on your wall. With this record frame’s unique design, you can also change over your display within seconds, without having to remove the frame from the wall. The Flip Frame has a unique quick release system; simply press the catch at the top and they hinge open.”

9. Subscription to

Image result for vnyl

What’s known to some as the Netflix of records, this is a great gift to give a music lover who’s already in love with vinyl records. vnyl is a service that “hand-curates 3 records specific to you every month. These are records that are based on your specific music tastes since we want your vinyl collection to be unique. To start a membership, you will need an invite code from us or a friend. After you Choose a Membership Plan, you will then need to fill out your user profile, and last but certainly not least,select a #Vibe!”

With a monthly subscription of $39 a month for three records of month, it’s a pretty great and sure to make a music lover very happy.

10. Signed Band Merchandise:

Unfortunately, I can’t just give a link for this seeing how it’s a very subjective gift, but I can guarantee this will make a music lover extremely happy. For a bonus, you can see if you can the something related to the instrument they play singed, such as a guitar pick, or a drum head

Well that’s all I have for you all this week, and I hope it was helpful! I’ll be writing to you all soon with my opinions on this years best albums.

Song recommendation of the Week: Things We Lost In The Fire by Bastille

Adele Live 2016

October 29th, 2016 is a day that I will never forget, and for good reason; because October 29th, was the day that I was able see the one and only, Adele.

Having been a fan of Adele’s music since the release of her first album 19, I was overjoyed to hear that she was doing a world wide tour, and would not be performing just one, but two nights in Atlanta at the Philips Arena. However, as some of you might have heard, her tour sold out in less than 5 minutes and I was one of the unlucky individuals that wasn’t able to walk away with a pair of tickets to see her.

However, the day of her last show in Atlanta, I recieved a phone call from my mother and she had surprised me with tickets! In fact, that’s what I’m here to talk about, so let’s get started shall we?

The night opened with Adele rising from the center of the floor, and signing the introduction to her hit single, “Hello”. That one word was all it took  for a wave of excitement to overcome the sold out arena. As she completed her first number by walking through the rows of those sitting in floor seats, we were all left on an edge of anticipation seeing what else she was going to do that night. 

Not only did the night include an amazing set list featuring songs such as; “Sweetest Devotion,” “Chasing Pavements,” “Don’t You Remember,” “One and Only,” “Skyfall,” “Someone Like You,” and “Rolling in the Deep,” but it also included two hours of experiencing Adele’s fun and quirky personality you’re always hearing about.

While each song does tell a story all on it’s own, it’s nice to hear what Adele’s songwriting process was for each one, along with hearing the occasional nostalgic anecdote and perfectly timed joked accompanied by Adele’s iconic laughter.

Another aspect of her show that was very memorable were the visuals. Being music that’s more on the slower side,  it’s not always easy to have visuals the can be fun and exciting, but when Adele is able to show you footage of your hometown during  Hometown Glory, she puts any of those doubts to rest. Between that, and mirroring her music video for Send My Love while singing it live, the visual were able to make an impact, but also not overpower her live ambiance. 

In my opinion, the best part of seeing Adele live, however, is seeing how down to earth she truly is. Being one of the biggest names in music in right now, it would be easy for her to just walk out on a stage, belt out the powerhouse notes that she’s so well known for and call it a night.

But alas, that isn’t what she does at all,because she takes the time to interact with the fans; and when I say interact, I mean, interacts. At one point during the show, she spoke to those who were lucky enough to get floor seats and posed for selfies with those in her general area. Then, at one point, she even brought up a girl who happened to be celebrating her birthday that night, and proceeded to have the whole arena help her in singing “Happy Birthday” to this very lucky concert goer.

If you’re ever able to see Adele, please please do. Even if you think it’s going to be, as Adele would put it, “two hours of misery” I promise you, you’ll get more than that. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be heartbroken over people you don’t even love. This author is someone who can’t wait to see her again

10 Artists You Should Already Be Listening To

With the year having only about two months left, I figured now would be a great time to tell all of you about some bands that I think will become a big hit in 2017, and some that are more established and deserve even more recognition that they already have. I’ve also taken the liberty to link every artist to their Spotify page, and give three songs that I think are a great way to be introduced to the band. Let’s get started shall we?

1. Last Dinosaurs: Last Dinosaurs are an indie rock band based out of Brisbane, Queensland and have been making music ever since of 2009. This is a band that I find pretty well established, but I still think they deserve even more praise for their work, seeing as their first album In A Million Years was pretty much a masterpiece. It’s hard for me to find a band that makes me love every song on their album, but this band was able to do it. With their first album debuting at number 8 on the Australian Albums Charts, trust me when I say their a band worth listening to.

2. AlpineThis is a band that makes you feel as if you’re in a constant euphoric state. Based out of Melbourne since 2009, Alpine has been providing dreamy sounds that take you on an adventure with every note that’s played or sang. With a unique vocalization, this band as the power to put you at ease, especially with the whimsical backing of the instrumentation. After being nominated for Best Breakthrough Artist at the ARIA awards, Alpine has been catching everyone’s eye and they should be catching yours as well.

3. Cub SportOriginally known as Cub Scouts, Cub Sport are an indie pop band based out of Brisbane and they’re honestly just such a delight to listen to. After forming in 2011, they’ve provided nothing but great music since. Their first debut album, This Is Our Vice, featuring their hit single Come On Mess Me Up, debuted at number 9 on the on the Australian Independent Charts, and they eventually went on to open for The 1975 on the Australian leg of their last tour. Now the wait begins for them to come to the South East

4. San CiscoBased out of Fremantle, and originally known as King George, San Cisco is a band that caught the attention of many people after releasing their music video for their single Awkward. San Cisco is a band that’s not only memorable, but enticing. With the lead singer having a voice that I’ve yet to hear from others, I find myself drawn to this band and I have been for years. I’m not the only impressed by this band though; in 2013, the band was nominated for not just one, not two, but three ARIA awards. And that was all just for their debut album. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

5. Day Wave : One of my favorite acts at Shaky Knees this year, Day Wave is a band that formed in Oakland and is actually quite new to the scene, but I know that they’re about to make a break into the indie world because they’re just that good. After releasing their first EP, Headcase, the band received attention from prominent publications including the Los Angeles Times and Billboard, and that was just for their EP. I can’t wait to see what a full album brings .

6. Public: Public is a three piece band that is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and they’re quickly working their way into my heart and the heart of others. Having opened for bands like Walk the Moon, Neon Trees and one of 2016’s biggest names in music, twenty one pilots, this band is on the track to being huge. Being reminiscent of bands such as Walk the Moon and Vampire Weekend, I can easily see this band going the same route and becoming a big name within the next year. 

7. Great Good Fine OkGreat Good Fine Ok is, what I think, one of the most underrated bands on this list. Based out of New York City, Great Good Fine Ok, are a synthpop duo that gained attention after their song You’re The One For Me received overwhelming positive feedback online. Ever since then, they’ve grabbed the attention of other acclaimed artists such as St. Lucia, and The Chainsmokers. After releasing their independently released single Take It Or Leave It, a song that garnered over 1 million Spotify plays within the first month, I’m excited to see what this band brings next.

8.  The Jungle Giants: The Jungle Giants are yet another band based out of Brisbane because it seems that so much great music comes from Australia. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but I love it and it needs to continue. The Jungle Giants released their first album Learn To Exist in 2013, featuring what is maybe the cutest love song ever, She’s A Riot, and grabbing the attention of the Australian public, ranking higher than Two Door Cinema Club on The Triple J Hottest 100. They’re a band that’s been described of having a likeness to Two Door Cinema Club and Last Dinosaurs and now can you see why I love them?

9. CRUISRI’ve been following this band for about two or three years now and seeing their growth has been heartwarming. Based out of Philadelphia, now a three piece band, CRUISR has been in good company. Supporting acts such as The 1975, Misterwives, and Imagine Dragons, CRUISR has done a great job grabbing the attention of indie music lovers everywhere. Now, about to hit the road  with Against the Current, I can’t wait to see what this band brings next.

10. COIN: If you’ve read my post about what songs can make your day oh so much better, you would know how much I adore the sounds of COIN. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, COIN are an indie rock band that have been doing everything right. Opening for acts such as Neon Trees, Bad Suns and will soon be opening for The 1975 at select dates, COIN are a force to be reckoned with, and have even caught the attention of publications such a Billboard. COIN is about to be huge, and I promise it.

Well that’s all I got for you guys this week, but it should be more than enough. Please comment other artists you enjoy and I’ll be happy to give them a listen. Follow me on Instagram (musicmusketeer3) or Twitter (AjaMiller6) for updates on this blog. See you all next week!

Song Recommendation of the Week: She’s A Riot by The Jungle Giants